Sunday, 13 July 2008

Mouse Guard

by David Petersen

The gorgeous artwork is just one of the reasons to get seriously into Peterson's Mouse Guard series. It's fab! Unfortunately his publishers are at the moment in some kind of pickle, and the second series has been stuck at issue 3 for a few months. I really wish they'd hurry up and get it together.

Dan introduced me to the book when it first came out last year. They are little paper-back editions, eight inch square, full colour, and feature the adventures of a brave, intelligent colony of mice. The stories focus mainly on three characters: Leiam, Saxon and Kenzie, who are mighty warriors facing deceit in the first issue, then winter famine and attack in the second. At the end of issue three, we are currently stuck wondering whether they will escape the clutches of a hungry owl...

There is a collected edition of the first story and it looks beautiful - autumnal gold being the main theme of the cover. The second issue has a winter theme and the little mice, their mediaeval houses and their forest habitat looks timeless and iconic against the white falling snow.

I couldn't say I was a comic book fan (with one obvious exception!). I've become educated in comics and have a lot of time for talking about them, but I would now have to call myself a Mouse Guard fan. What else could you call someone who has the (excellent) PVC figurines of the brave little guys displayed on her bookcase?

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