Sunday, 27 July 2008

Murder Most Fab by Julian Clary

Published by Ebury Press, priced £16.99 in hardback. I gave this to a friend who is a big Julian Clary fan, then decided to read it myself when another copy was sent to the office. You just can't ignore its bright pink and yellow cover!
As you'd expect, there is a lot of JC in the lead character, Johnny Debonair and JC makes a lot of sharp, keenly-observed comments on the nature of celebrity through Johnny. But I really took to Johnny and loved the special relationships he had with his delightful if dotty mother (a very good sport!) and fabulous, long-suffering grandma. It was a delight to read the varied poetry Johnny shared with his mother from boy to manhood and to watch the fond, close relationship with his grandmother grow from strength to strength.
Of course, it's obvious from fairly early on what part his friend Catherine, initially a nurse with a very unorthodox way of caring for her geriatric patients, will play in Johnny's life and later troubles and the story does fall away, I feel, in the last third or so of the book. However, it is an enjoyable story on the whole, with a lot of pathos as well as the humour you's expect.
I was particularly moved by Johnny's whispered words of "remember me" on saying farewell to each of his lovers and clients and I certainly will remember to look out for Julian Clary's next literary contribution.

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